Sharing is Caring – Hamburg Extension
7. Juli 2017

Sharing is Caring is a conference focused on collaboration and sharing in the cultural heritage sector, bringing together practitioners, researchers and users of culture. The goal is to open up knowledge and culture to the participation and enjoyment of all citizens, so that our opportunities to learn, create and contribute to our culture and society can improve.

The conference has been held since 2011 and is spreading to other countries. The first edition outside Denmark was held in Hamburg on the 20/21 of April 2017 at the „Museum fuer Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg“ and at the „University of Hamburg, Institute for Cultural Anthropology“.

Find all Photos, Videos, Presentations and Workshop-Summaries here. For further information, visit the website.

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  1. […] edition will be held in Aarhus in November 2017. The first Extension outside Denmark took place in Hamburg in April […]

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