Social Media Studio

research with Social Media Data

At digilab we provide straightforward and simple solutions for questions and approaches for research with and on Social Media Platforms. Helping out and providing solutions for questions like: How to collect a #hashtag? How to download a Tweet? How to extract comments from a Youtube video? Or how to save a discussion feed from a blog or an online magazine?

That for digilab provides:

  • hands on introduction and overview sessions on Social Media as source for research
  • guidance and support for data extraction and conversion
  • data enrichment
  • introductions to data visualization tools
  • supporting research projects at various stages
  • support for Social Media Data with QDA software

Tools and Apps for Social Media research used by the digilab: TAGS, Webometric Analyst, Google Analytics, SentiStrength, Mozdeh, Topsy Analytics, VidIQ, Google Scipts and various tools for data extraction and scraping (Python libraries, JSON queries)

workshops & lectures

Digilab holds lectures and workshops within the field of Digital Anthropology. It also supports students with their individual works and projects. During the last terms two lectures focusing on Social Media platforms have been given: „Digital Anthropology: Research with Youtube“ and „Digital Anthropology: Research with Twitter“. Periodically there are also workshops on current tools and topics within digital research initiatives.
Find out more about lectures, workshops and students‘ works:


privacy and safety for online research

digilabs supports and provides guidance for safety aspects of online research (anonymization, encryption, data protection). Nowadays privacy and online security plays an important role. Especially by exploring the digital field and pursuing critical topics and questions it is important to know how safeguard ones research and sources. That is why digilab provides privacy and anonymity guidance for researcher:

  • TOR network
  • VPN
  • virtual machines
  • User awareness
  • Browser settings
  • Encryption
  • secure communication