Session Lecture at the Social Media Week 2015 Hamburg
10. März 2015

On the 27.2.2015, as part of the Social Media Week 2015 in Hamburg, Prof.Dr.Gertraud Koch together with the research fellows Samantha Lutz and Roman Knipping-Sorokin hold a lecture session on qualitative analyses of Social Media Data.

Social Media produces a vast amount of user generated data enriched with metadata. What are the approaches for scientific use in regard of identification, collection, and analysis. What can be revealed through the analysis of Social Media Data?

Using a recent research project, on the representation of a social uproar in Hamburg (#Gefahrengebiet) on Twitter the three talks approached questions like:

  • What are qualitative data in Social Media?
  • How can a #Hashtag be analysed?
  • How can QDA Software be used for Social Media Data analyses?
  • Find out more about the Social Media Week, Hamburg