As part of the institutes’ writing workshop, this terms session will focus on digital and online publishing. The second session focuses on web technologies and gives an introduction and overview on programming languages, software, scripts and tools for online […]

Poster Contribution @ FORGE 2015
27. September 2015

A research team around Gertraud Koch took part at this years conference on digital research data in humanities FORGE 2015. The conference took place from the 15-18th September and was focusing on a wide range of topics: – sustainability […]

Workshop: Twitter data extraction
20. August 2015

On 11.08.2015 the digilab provided a workshop on Twitter data extraction for phd Students of the Cultural Anthropology institute. During the workshop a wide range of research tools for data mining and extraction of Social Media Data have been […]

On the 10th of July there will be a workshop on “Comments in Social Media” at the Institute of European Ethnology / Cultural Anthropology, University of Hamburg. The focus is extraction and scraping of comments from Youtube videos, blogs […]

“Big Data describes a passage into a new era in which the power of data induces a radical transformation of a society whose actions and production of knowledge rely increasingly on the accumulation and evaluation of data. The conference […]

save the date: going digital 2015
13. Januar 2015

The 4th international conference of the dgv-commission “Digitalisation in everyday life” will be hold by the German society of European Ethnology / Cultural Anthropology (deutschen Gesellschaft für Volkskunde) from the 19th-21st February 2015 at the Institute for Cultural Anthropology […]