Poster Contribution @ FORGE 2015
27. September 2015

A research team around Gertraud Koch took part at this years conference on digital research data in humanities FORGE 2015.
The conference took place from the 15-18th September and was focusing on a wide range of topics:

– sustainability of research data and applications
– specialized repositories
– Networks, associations and initiatives
– Research data infrastructures vs. data centers
– business models (how to fund?)
– visibility of Research Data
– legal issues

Gertraud Koch, Samantha Lutz and Roman Knipping-Sorokin contributed with a poster presentation on “‘Big data in Social media’ – Qualitative research strategies and challenges in the information technology on the example of Twitter”. During the presentation different research approaches for data collection and sampling were discussed, but also the challenges within these processes. Several methods for data extraction from the Twitter platform were also introduced during the presentation (e.g. usage of the Twitter API or data mining tools).

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