Lectures, discussions, films, performances and workshops on digital transformation. Organised by the Bucerius Lab and the Zeit foundation at Kampnagel, Hamburg. FR 19 – SA 20 February 2016 The California Challenge In what kind of digital future do we […]

Visiting Google, Hamburg
15. Februar 2016

The seminar “Digital Anthropology – Research on Twitter” made a visit to Google Hamburg, where students were given an introduction to the company’s work and projects. Furthermore two expert talks on the topics “hate speech” and “the right to […]

save the date: going digital 2016
15. Februar 2016

The 5th international conference of the dgv-commission “Digitalisation in everyday life” will be hold by the German society of European Ethnology / Cultural Anthropology (deutschen Gesellschaft für Volkskunde) from the 29th September till the 1st October 2016 at the […]

save the date: spaceship earth 2016
15. Februar 2016

The Spaceship Earth is a congress for digital philosophy, interaction design and web culture. Following this years topic “Living Sustainable Patterns” freethinkers, media artist and interaction designer will meet to discuss sustainable global aspirations So, 21 Feb. um 12:30 […]

save the date: Transmediale 2016
5. Januar 2016

“transmediale/conversationpiece will take place from February 3 to February 7 2016 at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin. With this edition, transmediale reboots itself with a new performative and participatory format. Under the name Conversation Piece, the event […]

As part of the institutes’ writing workshop, this terms’ sessions will focus on digital and online publishing. The third session provides an introduction session on photography as a visual storytelling tool. Additionally, there will also be an introduction to […]

As part of the institutes’ writing workshop, this terms session will focus on digital and online publishing. The second session focuses on web technologies and gives an introduction and overview on programming languages, software, scripts and tools for online […]

Colloquium: Digital Heritage
26. Oktober 2015

Colloquium: D1G1TAL HER1TAGE Digitization is an ongoing major transformation process affecting society at large and having an impact on cultural heritage work, production and study. To what extent are the modes of safeguarding at stake? How are digital technologies […]

Workshop: digital publishing
10. Oktober 2015

As part of the institutes’ writing workshop, this terms session will focus on digital and online publishing. The first session will provide an introduction on content and publishing platforms and open source systems that can be used for online […]

Poster Contribution @ FORGE 2015
27. September 2015

A research team around Gertraud Koch took part at this years conference on digital research data in humanities FORGE 2015. The conference took place from the 15-18th September and was focusing on a wide range of topics: – sustainability […]

Workshop: Twitter data extraction
20. August 2015

On 11.08.2015 the digilab provided a workshop on Twitter data extraction for phd Students of the Cultural Anthropology institute. During the workshop a wide range of research tools for data mining and extraction of Social Media Data have been […]

save the date: FORGE 2015
12. Juli 2015

The Humanities faculty of the University Hamburg will hold the FORGE 2015 conference on “Research Data in Humanities” from the 15-18th September. This years conference will focus on: – sustainability of research data and applications – specialized repositories – […]

On the 10th of July there will be a workshop on “Comments in Social Media” at the Institute of European Ethnology / Cultural Anthropology, University of Hamburg. The focus is extraction and scraping of comments from Youtube videos, blogs […]

“Big Data describes a passage into a new era in which the power of data induces a radical transformation of a society whose actions and production of knowledge rely increasingly on the accumulation and evaluation of data. The conference […]